I’ll be the one and only paid media and SEO expert you will need to hire.

I am a paid advertising and SEO expert that will accelerate



Paid Advertising

Increase your returns on ad spend with proven tactics for both service and product based businesses.


SEO Services

Get your website found online by optimizing it for the types of searches your target audience use to find your business.


Paid Ads Consulting

I will tailor and oversee the implementation of your paid media strategy and assure your business reach the right customers, capture customers and retains them at minimum costs.

What I Do Best

Fulfilled by Expertise & Driven by Data

Increase ROI By 83%

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It’s important to have a strong online presence before running ads. Your business performance is heavily influenced by it’s online presence. Consider investing in your SEO, then focus on growing your reviews and social media community. Only after you have a strong online presence should you consider running ads. I will create a 360 digital marketing approach to help you gain the most out your investments.


Enhance Websites Conversion Rate

I will optimize your landing pages towards 2 goals online sales or/and leads generations.


Get Found Online

I use latest SEO and ASO practices accompanied with AI to ensure that you continuously rank higher in search engines.


Be Trust Worthy

I will use proven methods & tools to help your brand grow positive reviews and testimonials for your products and services.


Grow Your Community

I will increase your followings and engagements using paid and up to date social media tactics across trending social media platforms.


Run Your Ads

I will run your paid ads campaigns on Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Bing ads, TikTok ads, Snapchat Ads, Twitter Ads (X) with the highest returns you can get in the market. You bet on that!

Why Work with Me?

  • In just 12 months I boosted online transaction by 15x and kept spending under budget.
  • I reduced the cost-per-install (CPI) by 88% by experimenting with paid media buying placements & content and leveraged data for efficient returns on ad spend.
  • I helped ranking a client on the first page of Google organic search results in just 8 months.
  • I increased the average order value (AOV) by 30% using cross-selling and upselling tactics by optimizing landing pages, conversion rate optimization (CRO), transactional email marketing and transactional push notifications.
  • I reduced customer acquisition costs (CAC) by 83% by fine-tuning audience targeting, ad creatives, and customer acquisition channels.


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